Member Spotlight: Lenda Sabourin belongs here

Member Since: 1997
WODS Completed: 3000
Show Time: Early Riser
Favorite workout: Interval training/small group PT
Favorite thing about TFPT: They go beyond the workout and genuinely care about my wellbeing and all the goals that go with that. They are always ahead of the game: accountability, education, creative programming and results focused. 3 Month Goal: Build more muscle, get strong, live long and thrive in my chosen activities.
One thing I wish I knew before I joined TFPT: That I would create wellness habits that change my llife.

My journey with Team Fitness Personal Training began over 25 years ago.

TFPT’s expertise and continual journey towards excellence has provided me with an overall healthy lifestyle program of physical, emotional and spiritual growth that has met my personal goals over the years.  They are continual students and teachers, always bettering their knowledge and putting into action the benefits of their learning through TheIr fitness programs, communications, and counselling.

TFPT is a master of their craft. Workouts are rigorous, fun and are tailored to my specific needs (no cookie cutter routine), always careful to respect any injuries and stresses.  Never pushing me too hard, but just to that overload that will give me results. They notice how I am moving and give lots of corrections, feedback and praise to ensure every exercise is executed in the correct body position and alignment; they adjust and modify immediately.  

Thanks for your constant encouragement and inspiring energy!  You cheer me on as I reach and exceed new goals.    

I’ve been given the EDGE to help achieve my goals to live a healthier high quality life! “Change is inevitable, but personal growth is a choice” 

TFPT are super nice people and take an interest in you no matter what fitness level you’re at.

Thank you for keeping me motivated, accountable and providing me with the training that allows me to achieve peak performance in the activities I love.  

Every hour with you has been the very best investment in ME!