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Team Fitness Personal Training–established 1994, the first  personal training company in the Okanagan. The short version. We wanted to help more people do the fun stuff better. We love to teach and people really responded well when they knew why they were doing things a certain way. We helped them figure out what goals were important to them and why. Then, we showed them how they could get there.

We also like people and love it when they accomplish their goals. Through this method, we evolved to become known as Kelowna’s fitness resource. From our very beginnings we’ve believed that improving health and fitness takes more than your gym workout. Our approach is unique and effective because we go beyond your workout. Nutrition, sleep, lifestyle behavior, stress and a support system are all considered because that is how you’ll get the results you want. We have stood the test of time by growing ourselves. We are open to the influences that help our clients improve.

We have evolved this approach through nearly 3 decades and we are still not done. As we learn the new science and methods for best results in strength, general fitness and weight loss, we flex our client approach to ensure you’re moving forward with that learned method. This growth mindset helps us succeed in business so we can continue to help our clients succeed in their wellness pursuits. Our top priority is coaching…in and out of the gym.

We want to ensure you get the support you need to reach your goals. We’ll help you tackle the obstacles or barriers that surface so you stick to your fitness and lifestyle plan so it becomes your ‘way of life’. You may not come to love exercise but you will love all that it brings to your life. Today, nearly 30 years later, we still love what we do, we think it matters and we and our clients have a whole lot of fun along the way.


Pam Cote


Pam’s journey as a coach spans two decades with our team. She is a certified personal trainer with the BCRPA and is a Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist. Pam’s asset is an “I” personality (ask her what that means) This attracts a variety of clients her way. She has the ability to hear and feel what her clients’ needs are, and bring to them a plan that helps them reach their goals, while still smiling.

There’s something everybody enjoys and can do, and with her knowledge, years of experience in the industry and passion for people, she can package a plan tailored to meet any goal. She is known for her dynamic programming in tandem training. Many married couples who enjoy great workouts together. There is always laughter from the rafters when Pam’s in the house.

Rosie Mullen coach at TEAM Fitness

Rosie Mullen


Having experienced the journey of grand weight loss and all that comes with that has given Rosie a lens with which she aligns her mantra,”Healthy living is more than just eating right and exercise”. Her personal health and fitness journey has brought so much more to her life that she has made it her mission to help others reclaim theirs. She ventured to learn as much as she could and successfully attained her CFES Personal Trainer Certification and is in pursuit of a nutrition specialty.

Rosie helps her clients build and sustain a specific healthy lifestyle beyond the workout. She is a learner and loves to pass on that new knowledge to her clients. Going the distance with client’s is her middle name and the support she offers clients to get the goals they desire surpasses expectations. You won’t find a more dedicated coach to ensure you get the results you’re looking for.


Liz Sage


Liz is certified as a CSEP Exercise Physiologist and Registered Kinesiologist along with a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. She believes behavioral change is an integral part of the journey to physical and emotional wellness and is our lead Lifestyle Coach. She continues to coach specialized group programs such as Legends (50+ small group workouts) and conditioning and mobility for mountain biking and junior varsity groups.

Liz loves to coach 1:1 and is all about technique and behavioral change. Her motto “it’s not what you do but how you do it”. She comes from a diverse sport background having played many varsity sports and is certified as a PMBI Level 1 mountain bike coach. You can find Liz on the trails throughout the Okanagan with her community/coaching program– Chicks in the Sticks.

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