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Team Fitness Personal Training have been pioneers since 1996 and the premier personal training company in the Okanagan.

At our core, our mission was simple: We wanted to empower our community to enjoy life’s adventures to the fullest. Our love for teaching and clarity in communication meant our clients not only learned what to do but why it mattered. By helping them define their goals and the motivation behind them, we crafted a roadmap to their success.

People are our passion. Witnessing them achieve their goals gives us immense joy. Over the years, this dedication has cemented our reputation as Kelowna’s go-to fitness resource. We’ve always believed that true wellness goes beyond the gym. Our holistic approach encompasses nutrition, sleep, lifestyle habits, stress management, all underpinned by a supportive community. This comprehensive model ensures our clients achieve enduring, transformative results.

Continuous growth has been our guiding principle. We stay abreast of the latest in fitness science and methodologies. Whenever new evidence-based approaches emerge, we seamlessly incorporate them into our training protocols. This adaptability and growth mindset have not only been pivotal to our longevity in the industry but also ensure our clients consistently receive the best support possible.

Our ethos is coaching, both inside and outside the gym. We’re committed to providing the support you need to conquer challenges, navigate hurdles, and embed fitness as a natural aspect of your lifestyle. While the love for exercise might not come instantly, the tangible benefits it brings to life will be undeniable.

Today, as Team Fitness Personal Training approaches our third decade, our enthusiasm remains undimmed. We are still deeply committed, still convinced of the importance of our work, and still having a blast alongside our clients on their wellness journey. Not convinced? View our history here


Pam Cote


For over two decades, Pam has been an integral part of our Team Fitness Personal Training family. Not only is she a certified personal trainer with the BCRPA and a recognized Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, but she also embodies an “I” personality – a trait that intrigues many (and she’d love to tell you more about it if you ask).

Pam’s unique strength lies in her ability to truly listen to her clients, understanding their aspirations and challenges. She crafts personalized plans that not only meet their goals but ensure they enjoy the journey, always with a smile on their faces.

Her belief? Everyone has an activity they can love and excel at. With her extensive industry experience, vast knowledge, and genuine passion for people, Pam creates bespoke fitness plans that cater to individual needs. She is especially acclaimed for her dynamic tandem training programs, a favorite among couples seeking fun yet effective workouts.

Whenever Pam’s around, there’s a distinct echo of laughter and positivity. She brings joy, expertise, and dedication to every session, making fitness a delightful experience for all her clients.


Mike Ma


Michael, an endurance athlete who discovered fitness later in life, believes firmly that positive life changes can be made at any age. His mission is to help others unlock their inner athlete and transform fitness into a sustainable lifestyle.

Certified as a Canfit Pro Fitness Instructor Specialist, Michael specializes in modifying lifts for clients dealing with pain and mobility limitations. He lives by the motto, “Follow the process and the results will follow,” emphasizing the importance of consistent effort and dedication. With a focus on movement execution, skill mastery, and habit-building, Michael guides his clients towards long-term success.

Beyond the gym, Michael thrives in the outdoor haven of the Okanagan. Whether he’s hitting the trails on his mountain bike or exploring new paths as a trail runner, he’s always eager for the next adventure.


Liz Sage

COACH / Founder

Dive deep into wellness with Liz, a fusion of expertise, passion, and holistic approaches. Her certification as a CSEP Exercise Physiologist, coupled with her status as a Registered Kinesiologist and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, uniquely positions her to address both physical and emotional facets of wellness.

Liz stands firmly on the belief that the path to genuine health isn’t just about physical prowess; it’s intertwined with behavioral transformation. As our lead Lifestyle Coach, she wears multiple hats, from spearheading our specialized group programs for mountain bike enthusiasts to crafting conditioning and mobility routines for out 45 plus community who is determined to live in life’s active lane.

With Liz, learning is paramount. She coaches with an educator’s spirit, placing emphasis not just on the ‘what’ but the ‘how.’ Driven by her motto, “it’s not what you do but how you do it”, Liz ensures that every movement is technically sound and purposeful, guaranteeing optimal results and safety.

Beyond the studio, Liz’s passion for sports is palpable. Her varsity sports background and certification as a PMBI Level 1 mountain bike coach testify to her commitment and prowess in the field. If you’re ever roaming the trails of the Okanagan, you might just bump into her leading her community/coaching program, ‘Chicks in the Sticks’. Join her and experience a holistic approach to wellness that transcends mere exercise.

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