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Small Group Personal training is designed to make workouts dynamic and keep you coming back for more, SGPT provides all the building blocks of long-term fitness. SGPT is no fad. We’ve been developing our method for more than a decade. In fact, we were the first studio in BC  to adopt this innovative approach, and we’ve seen it working every day. To begin with, it’s more cost-effective than one-to-one personal training. And because we run sessions throughout the day, you’re more likely to find a slot that works for you. All of this adds up to a fitness regime you’re more likely to stick at. And that can only be a good thing.


Train at our private studio 2 to 3 sessions each week with a tight knit tribe. Join our small group personal training schedule or create your own with your posse or family.


Whether or not you have goals already, your coach can help you make them concrete and achievable. Our coaches can lay out a plan to meet your targets in the time you want.


Small group personal training ensures personal attention. In a small group, your coach can focus on you to ensure your technique keeps you free from injury and get you results.


Not only will your coach help you transform your health, but they’ll teach you how to maintain those results in and outside of the gym. Track your habits (sleep, nutrition, stress and hydration).


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Seasoned coaches are ready to help you no matter where you are starting from. Stay an active player in your life’s story.

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