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HAPPY NEW YEAR -- Feel The Love

The question really isn’t do you love to exercise?  We know most of you don’t.  The question is, do you love and respect yourself?  Putting your health and well being on the top of your list may not be easy but, if you give more to yourself, you will be more and ultimately give more to everything.  Here’s my take on the self love approach.

Years ago I read ‘Smart Women Finish Rich’ by David Bach.  This book inspired me to change my financial habits.  My new behaviour, principles, practises and strategies toward money, changed my financial well-being and thus my life.  So much so, that I adapted many of those principles into my lifestyle coaching methods with my fitness clients and my counselling clients.

Bach reminded me that I need to be responsible for ‘me’.  I need to ensure that I live within in my means, seek the right professionals, ask many questions to make informed choices and take the right action steps. The most important one; to pay myself first and believe that I deserved it.   

You deserve to be healthy and live in the best state of well being possible.  You can achieve this if you pay yourself first! Not with money but with time spent enhancing your well being.  The Sage-Bach principle suggests you allocate 10% of your waking time toward your well being: body, mind and spirit. 

The average adult is awake approximately 15 hours each day.  10% of that time or 1.5 is allocated to body, mind & spirit.  Activity is such a way of life for me that I do ‘love’ it.  When I am physically active my mind and spirit soar by default.

Yoga is an obvious activity that meets more than the physical, but trail riding on my bike keeps my spirit youthful.  I have had some of my most creative ideas, solitude and greatest moments of self awareness while biking.  I also like to read and write and ‘just be’, so I try to be aware of opportunities in my day that I can achieve my 10%.   This time doesn’t have to be solo time although I encourage you to make time for that too.  Activities shared with people I love to be around…. doubles the joy.   

You have to be mindful, financially creative and disciplined to pay yourself first.  The same applies when you ‘time’ yourself first.  Try meeting your 10% while nurturing the other values in your life, like time with kids, friendships, faith, career, your garden, hobbies etc.  A block of time is not always necessary.  Snippets throughout the day serve the same purpose. 

Next time you drop the kids at the pool, stick around, swim for fitness, join the kids in the hot tub and make your exit.  Let your teens take a bus to give you an extra 45 minutes of ‘me’ time.  Eat at your desk and meet up with a co-worker or friend for a 30 minute power walk during your lunch break. De-compress at the end of your work day and hit the corporate or community gym. No matter how you slice it, you are 100% in control of your 10%. It belongs to you until you give it away.

The challenge is to be aware of the time that is before you.  You teach your children the importance of money. Lead by example and show them your physical activity and health is As important.  Child activity programs are great.  Do the same for yourself.  It can be done.  Turn off the TV.  Avoid over scheduling your family.  Re-visit your values and  goals and most of all make changes, don’t just talk about them.

When you give a minimum of at the very least 30 minutes of every a day to your physical body, you will reap the rewards three fold.   The time you thought you didn’t have will suddenly appear now that you have the energy, strength, stamina, focus and overall feeling of wellness to give to all.  A little bit of self love spills over in abundance to everyone around you.  So, go on ‘feel the love’.


MEMBER PROFILE: Meet Marlene Braam

Meet Marlene Braam:

Active Mom to 3 busy athlete sons! Congratulations on your success Marlene, we are so proud of you and are honoured to have you as a part of our TEAM!

Member Since: 2006

Inspired By: My Kids! I really want to be able to  keep up with them!

Motivated By: 
I wanted to continue to play the high level sports that I had prior to having children, and I was dealing with injuries, and complications from my surgery and lack of fitness.  I was no longer able to be a "weekend warrior".

How did you learn of TFPT?  I Knew Liz as being one of the first reputable Trainer's in Kelowna. I called her and she felt Shannon, the Team's kinesiologist was the best fit for me.

Why did you choose TFPT?  
Professionalism. I felt like my trainer, Shannon, was going to be able to work with me to get me in the shape/condition I was looking for.

What has surprised you most about working with Team Fitness?
That working with TFPT works!  I have tried on my own, and I have failed.  It seems pretty basic, but going just once a week to see Shannon has enabled me to achieve my fitness and health goals. 

What keeps you coming back to TFPT?
The results! Training is also something I love - it is my "happy place".

I have had great gains in my overall fitness.  I have lost weight, I have better mobility, and I have less pain.  My first goal about 6 years ago was to hike the West Coast Trail.  Every day on the trail I thanked Shannon for getting me prepared for the difficulty of that hike.  I am currently planning/training to hike Mount Kilimanjaro next June.

What would be your TFPT elevator pitch?
I guess what I think other people should know about Team Fitness is that working with their trainers works!  No matter your age, your current fitness level, your weight, or your goals, they will work with you.  You do not need to be an athlete, or recovering from an injury or surgery to work with a TFPI trainer.

Favorite movie:  When Harry Met Sally and It's a Beautiful Life

Favorite book: Tough to pick one! One of my favorites is A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mystre

Where is your favorite travel destination and why? 
I love to travel, and go to new places.  My last big holiday was to the Galapagos, and Machu Pichu.  It was AMAZING!

What is a quality you most admire in others? Honesty and sincerity

If you could have dinner with one person, living or non-living, who would it be and why? 

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be with my Mom.  She passed away 17 years ago, before I had children, and there are many, many things I would like to be able to share with her - like all the things I was wrong about, and she was right!

Congratulations Marlene on all of your accomplishments in and out of the studio!


For every $20 increment you donate, receive a draw entry to win!


.....and we'll pay you!




For every $20 donation receive a draw ticket TO WIN!



 you are entered for each $20 increment!

OUR GOAL $2000

When we hit it we'll draw! 

In lieu of Christmas Card Giving to Family, Clients and Friends we have Donated $500 to our community food bank on behalf of our Team and Clients.

Thank you all for helping us help community. We realize there are many choices to spend your wellness dollar. Thank you for choosing our TEAM!\



Here We Grow Again!

As we move into our 20th year in business! Yes, really....  Today marks  the soft launch of our revised website It is still a work in progress;  however, it will help you better navigate online scheduling for events and programs, purchasing on  line and continue to be a resource for staying on track with your wellness plan.

Please share it with your friends and family. We have  now been in our new digs for a few months and things are coming together so well. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the the hundreds of clients who have inspired me over the past 20 years to strive for excellence in business, my team and personally. The feedback shared by our clients held us accountable to
delivering our best, yet.... flexibly forgiving when the growing pains of completing a masters degree and opening a new space saw us a little weary at times.

We are super excited to go forward and we honour all of you who have shared in our journey from inception and thank you for trusting us with your wellness journey for two decades! You have helped share your experiences and introduced us to your friends, colleagues and families. This is why we stand today as a strong independent, home grown business excited about what the future  holds.

From my heart to yours....thank you for your business, trust and friendships! 




chicks in the winter sticks-1
Register to recieve info, special events, schedule interruptions and need to know stuff that will make your trek experience optimal!


…and so the season winds down




….although it doesn’t need to stop for you. Fall weather brings tacky trails and great opportunity to build strength in skills and fitness that will believe it or not help your spring riding. The longer you an stay on your ride through the fall the shorter the time between your first spring ride!


Our facebook page is a great way to check in for rides going into the fall. If you are heading out and want company post an invitation!


Roadies have a big ride this weekend to Osoyoos! We wish them a safe and splendid experience and look forward to the tales of the road on your return.

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Short Daylight Ride to the best short Ride Place




Short days means a short ride and what better place to do it then Smith Creek. We need to take advantage of an earlier start, so we will be leaving the trail head promptly at 6pm to ensure the light. Car pool from enterprise Fresh Air depart 5:30.


Huge thank you to those who donated and or participated in this years Terry Fox event. With your help our team raised $3470.00 and over $100000.00 was raised by our community. Thank you.


Our Monday Roadie Chicks are heading out to Watermark Beach Resort on a season end ride from Summerland to Osoyoos and the spaces are now full. Thanks everyone, will be a super fun ride!

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We’re back in the hood tonight




after a two week holiday we are back into fall riding. some of the best rides have occurred in the fall and the weather is looking amazing for tonight’s trek. join us for a local ride heading out from Fresh Air Experience on Enterprise.


Due to the length of day we will be meeting at the shop at 5:30 ready to depart to ride to the dog park hairpin at knox mountain. If you are meeting us there we’ll connect with you about 5:50pm to get our pedal on!


This coming weekend is the Terry Fox Event. We have been asked again to lead the run on our bikes and pace the 10km route. We would love for you to come out with us and contribute to this worthy cause.

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Empowered to Lead




It always astounds us ambassadors to see the progress women make in fitness, skill and confidence in this program. A veteran crew of riders trailed to Lost Lake with a decent down Piper to Bailout and what started at the trail head as a suggested cruiser ride in plus 30 degree heat, transcended to a strong ascent which was truly awesome in of itself let alone comparatively to the first year of riding with the chicks!


Firstly, it is an honour to see so many first time chicks, sticking with the sport of mountain biking. Additionally, your fitness levels have surpassed the ordinary as you climbed like pack horses and descended like bulls. How great it is to see strong road riders feel comfortable with this program to challenge their limitations on the trails when they feel the need for a change.

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