HAPPY NEW YEAR -- Feel The Love

The question really isn’t do you love to exercise?  We know most of you don’t.  The question is, do you love and respect yourself?  Putting your health and well being on the top of your list may not be easy but, if you give more to yourself, you will be more and ultimately give more to everything.  Here’s my take on the self love approach.

Years ago I read ‘Smart Women Finish Rich’ by David Bach.  This book inspired me to change my financial habits.  My new behaviour, principles, practises and strategies toward money, changed my financial well-being and thus my life.  So much so, that I adapted many of those principles into my lifestyle coaching methods with my fitness clients and my counselling clients.

Bach reminded me that I need to be responsible for ‘me’.  I need to ensure that I live within in my means, seek the right professionals, ask many questions to make informed choices and take the right action steps. The most important one; to pay myself first and believe that I deserved it.   

You deserve to be healthy and live in the best state of well being possible.  You can achieve this if you pay yourself first! Not with money but with time spent enhancing your well being.  The Sage-Bach principle suggests you allocate 10% of your waking time toward your well being: body, mind and spirit. 

The average adult is awake approximately 15 hours each day.  10% of that time or 1.5 is allocated to body, mind & spirit.  Activity is such a way of life for me that I do ‘love’ it.  When I am physically active my mind and spirit soar by default.

Yoga is an obvious activity that meets more than the physical, but trail riding on my bike keeps my spirit youthful.  I have had some of my most creative ideas, solitude and greatest moments of self awareness while biking.  I also like to read and write and ‘just be’, so I try to be aware of opportunities in my day that I can achieve my 10%.   This time doesn’t have to be solo time although I encourage you to make time for that too.  Activities shared with people I love to be around…. doubles the joy.   

You have to be mindful, financially creative and disciplined to pay yourself first.  The same applies when you ‘time’ yourself first.  Try meeting your 10% while nurturing the other values in your life, like time with kids, friendships, faith, career, your garden, hobbies etc.  A block of time is not always necessary.  Snippets throughout the day serve the same purpose. 

Next time you drop the kids at the pool, stick around, swim for fitness, join the kids in the hot tub and make your exit.  Let your teens take a bus to give you an extra 45 minutes of ‘me’ time.  Eat at your desk and meet up with a co-worker or friend for a 30 minute power walk during your lunch break. De-compress at the end of your work day and hit the corporate or community gym. No matter how you slice it, you are 100% in control of your 10%. It belongs to you until you give it away.

The challenge is to be aware of the time that is before you.  You teach your children the importance of money. Lead by example and show them your physical activity and health is As important.  Child activity programs are great.  Do the same for yourself.  It can be done.  Turn off the TV.  Avoid over scheduling your family.  Re-visit your values and  goals and most of all make changes, don’t just talk about them.

When you give a minimum of at the very least 30 minutes of every a day to your physical body, you will reap the rewards three fold.   The time you thought you didn’t have will suddenly appear now that you have the energy, strength, stamina, focus and overall feeling of wellness to give to all.  A little bit of self love spills over in abundance to everyone around you.  So, go on ‘feel the love’.