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It always astounds us ambassadors to see the progress women make in fitness, skill and confidence in this program. A veteran crew of riders trailed to Lost Lake with a decent down Piper to Bailout and what started at the trail head as a suggested cruiser ride in plus 30 degree heat, transcended to a strong ascent which was truly awesome in of itself let alone comparatively to the first year of riding with the chicks!


Firstly, it is an honour to see so many first time chicks, sticking with the sport of mountain biking. Additionally, your fitness levels have surpassed the ordinary as you climbed like pack horses and descended like bulls. How great it is to see strong road riders feel comfortable with this program to challenge their limitations on the trails when they feel the need for a change.


Lastly, it was never more evident to witness women supporting women. No mean spirited competitiveness. Only support and encouragement and best of all genuine excitement for the individual triumphs of their chick mates.


Thank you for supporting this program, your fellow chicks and most of all your self!


Tonight your challenge is to meet your chick mates at Crawford without a lead ambassador. Sadly, the three amigos have family obligations tonight. Maybe you will be the one to decide the route, or take the lead or take the booty and support the back end. Which ever it might be, we hope you choose to ride. 6pm departure from the trail head at Crawford.


We’ll see you back next week curious to hear of your adventure. Better still blog it on our comment section below or post it on our facebook page.


Wikers, Sheila will be waiting at the base of Knox for tonight’s adventure. So Riders to Crawford, Wikers to Knox.


Finally, cherry abundance supported by Quality Greens Farm Market, was so appreciated on a hot summer night! Be sure to voice your appreciation when you shop local @ Quality Greens!


Till next week then, happy trails!


Special Thanks for the continued support:


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