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Fitness is Just a Few Flights Away
Open 5:00am-10pm M-F
          5:00am-6pm S/S     8am - 4pm  holidays

Membership Investment-Register for any studio- Landmark VI, 17th Floor Al Stober Construction - Reception 8-4pm M-F

Landmark Studio Six Membership (servicing Landmark Six tenants)

3 Month minimum
$50 admin fee for stop/go return memberships
complimentary first visit personal training session
unlimited group fitness as scheduled for tenants
limited locker rentals
Landmark 1 -5 tenants may register for Studio Six membership when available - Now available -
$39/mos and $50 for building key fob (membership is limited on a first come basis)

Landmark Studio II  (servicing building I and II tenants)

3 Month minimum
$50 admin fee for stop/go return memberships
complimentary first visit personal training session
punch pass available to join Studio Six classes 10 @ $49
limited locker rentals

Landmark Studio III Membership (servicing buildings  3.4.5)

3 Month minimum
$50 admin fee for stop/go return memberships
complimentary first visit personal training session
punch pass available to join Studio Six classes 10 @ $49
limited locker rentals

Dual Membership 

3 Month minimum
$50 admin fee for stop/go return memberships
complimentary first visit personal training session
unlimited group fitness as schedules for tenants
limited locker rentals 
Any Membership is a 3 month minimum upon any sign up and a $50 administration fee for any stop and go membership

  • Members who cease to be a tenant will be denied access to studio. Auto fees will be cancelled upon receipt of building fob and studio tags
  • Existing Landmark II or III members may call or email to upgrade to Studio Six
  • Group training classes included with Studio Six Membership only
  • Registered members may access class online sign in 48 hours in advance.


First timer 1 week trial membership by request for for Studio Six -- email or call 250-762-4957 for more information


A Complimentary 1st Visit

is just a Click away


Locker rentals

Make it easier to get to the fitness studio
Full Locker $99 Half Locker $59

email us with your locker request


If you are overwhelmed with workout wonder,  still sporting your 90's workout techniques or new to workout routines...this pak is for you.
$AVE $75...
3 Personal Private training sessions to inspire you to attain you're desired outcomes...
It's not what you do but how you do it and, we're the team to get you there.
$pring Training for a Summer Splash!
Limited time for Landmark tenants ....1 pak/client -
ONLY $135

Group fitness schedule

In consideration of scheduled trainers and other class members, we appreciate your follow through with the following class policies: Have a smart phone? Register for class from your phone. Download the app HERE 

  1. You may reserve classes 48 hours in advance 
  2. Class booking closes 1 hour prior to class start time. You may try to register in person but we cannot guarantee a spot
  3. Classes start promptly at scheduled times. Should you be the only person to show and you are late the trainer will assume a no show and be assigned another task. Please be on time to avoid disappointment. 
  4. You may cancel your class booking up to 30 minutes prior to class start time to avoid a no show.  
  5. For your safety, late comers to class in progress will be asked to warm up for five minutes prior to class entry
  6. Classes are subject to change without notice. Please keep up to date with schedule for your own reference.
  7. Feedback is essential for a well greased wheel. Please direct your concerns, suggestions and feedback about trainers or class content in written form by email to management

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation

Schedule for Thu Dec 13, 2018 - Wed Dec 19, 2018

<< >>

Thu Dec 13, 2018
12:15 pm - 12:55 pm
5:00 pm - 5:50 pm

Fri Dec 14, 2018
12:15 pm - 1:00 pm

Sat Dec 15, 2018
No Classes or Events Scheduled

Sun Dec 16, 2018
No Classes or Events Scheduled

Mon Dec 17, 2018
12:15 pm - 1:00 pm
5:00 pm - 5:45 pm

Tue Dec 18, 2018
12:15 pm - 12:50 pm
5:00 pm - 5:50 pm

Wed Dec 19, 2018
12:15 pm - 1:00 pm

FITNESS STUDIO POLICIES....Thank you for your cooperation

Landmark Fitness is for registered tenants and personal training clients of TEAM Fitness Inc (TFI) only.  Members allowing non-members or health practitioners to accompany them or use their key will be asked to resign their membership.  There will be no exceptions. 

All tenants will be given a shoe tag which must be worn in the facility at all times.  Shoe tags are issued upon registration. You will also be asked to pick up your scan tag and swipe upon entry. This will help us check you in for classes, workouts, training sessions and, help us maintain data to monitor member usage and membership cap so that you continue to have the best experience.

Lost your tag(s)?  Ask and we will provide.


There are sanitizers  at the front desk and outside locker rooms. Research shows that hand washing is the #1 behaviour to prevent viral and bacterial infection. Please wash your hands before working out and AS important wash before you leave. Try to keep your hands away from your face while working out and use tissue or paper towel to cough into. Your health and ours will be helped because of  our efforts, thank you.


For your safety and hygiene please remove outdoor footwear at the gym entrance and wear clean, appropriate workout shoes while training.  Do not wear your gym shoes into the gym even from your office. Open toe shoes such as sandals are not permitted in the gym.  Shoes must be worn at all times.  NOTE: Those without a tag on their shoe will be asked to provide one. 

LOCKERS:   For rental info scroll to top

Please use the lockers provided.  Lockers not rented are for day use only while using the fitness studio and locks must be removed after use.  Do not leave your gear in a locker for the day or overnight unless you have rented one. Locks left on will be removed at owner’s expense.  TFI cannot be held liable for any lost or stolen property; please lock up your belongings.  

Locker rooms are a busy place especially during peak hours.  Please keep benches and floor free by storing your belongings in a locker, under benches or gym cubby.


As a courtesy to others, please bring and use towels while using fitness training equipment and wipe down cardio handles after use with disinfectant wipes provided. Please do not wipe the consoles on the cardio units with wet wipes. Small workout towels are provided to personal training clients by TFI. Currently there is not a towel service for tenant membership.

Group Fitness Classes:

Landmark Six Fitness Studio hosts group fitness classes. All Landmark Studio Members may access these classes. All members may register online for classes and wear assigned shoe tags to access group fitness classes. Classes are great for all levels. Learn More by scrolling up.


Please put all equipment back where you found it and remove all weight plates from racks after use. This ensures when you got to use it again you won’t have to hunt it down. Thank You.

TEAM Fitness Personal Training & Lifestyle coaching has been supporting the Landmark Centre for the past 15 years.  As a new tenant member your first session is on us. Please inquire at 250-762-4957 or or front service.

If you need a little extra help getting oriented, a kick start, re-inspired with some fresh workout ideas or even just accountability to stick to your workout or nutrition plan, Team Fitness can assist you. Your complimentary session is a great way to start your journey. Book Today.

Independent health professionals who are not part of the TFI team are restricted from accessing all  3 Landmark studios. Kinesiologists, personal trainers, lifestyle/nutrition coaches and counselling services are all available through TFI. Learn more at our website, call 250-762-4957 or stop by for a visit.

Thank you for helping us keep your workout space clean, safe and a fun place to rock your workout!
See you soon!

Team Fitness Inc
LANDMARK 6--Lower Level 
1631 Dickson Avenue

Kelowna BC, V1Y 0B5