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Share the cost of one of our great trainers and get 3 workouts for the price of 1!

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T.E.A.M Training   -- Together Everyone Achieves More


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Not everyone has the disposable income for their own personal coach! That's why we have designed a program to allow you to invest with others at a fraction of the price of a private session. 3 - T.E.A.M. Training sessions for the price of a private session! 

This full body workout expands over 55 minutes to include functional, static, dynamic movements for muscular strength, endurance and, cardiovascular fitness! Use a variety of tools to enhance your vitality, coordination, function and self confidence in and out of the studio. Be held accountable to your goals, inspired to make healthier lifestyle choices and all in an environment with others who want to be better physical and emotional versions of themselves! You show up and we'll lead you to achieve more than you ever thought you would....and, you'll have some fun along the way! 

For as little as $25 per session; experience our T.E.A.M. Training. Coached by one of our highly qualified and personable trainers you can experience  Personal Training at a fraction of the cost of Private Training...This allows you to stretch your training budget so that you may experience the proven results of working with a trainer too! Working in an environment that keeps you accountable is proven to get results! That's the benefit of being coached. We assess, direct and keep you on course in a safe, effective and fun environment.

Team Training $25/Session when you join our 6 week series. (Private - $70/session) Create a team session with friends, colleagues or family on a day and time that works with your group or join a series in our schedule

T.E.A.M Training Drop ins when available - $30.  3 to 5 people per time slot. Join our current T.E.A.M. training schedule in session today!

If you have never experienced a team session...try before you buy! Join us for a complimentary team training session and experience first hand what this group session is all about!

Current T.E.A.M Training Series

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