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Liz Sage: Exercise Physiologist, PBMI Level 1 Coach, Clinical Counsellor, Wellness Speaker


Liz’s strengths include the ability to inspire her clients to be self-motivated. She has a solution focused, client centered approach to coaching with great outcomes. With over 20 years of experience and education as a CSEP Exercise Physiologist, Liz has a solid skill set to work with a diverse population and she has the know how for a successful plan regardless of the goal.  She has been a leading trainer in the Kelowna community for two decades and a mountain bike coach for a decade with her infamous chicks in the sticks women's skills program. She is a teacher, motivator and mentor to up and coming trainers. Voted Kelowna's Best Personal Trainer with over 25 years in the wellness industry will assure you are in capable hands.

Liz also holds a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology and is a BCACC Registered Clinical Counsellor.  She has developed and implemented a Mood Fitness Therapy™  exercise based therapy program for individuals with mental health challenges.  Her skills in counselling enhance her coaching abilities to not only hear what clients need and want but also break down teaching layers for maximum understanding of skills in the gym and on trail. Additionally, she leads clients in behavioural change to adopt healthy daily lifestyle behaviours that have a great impact on self managing weight, mood, self esteem and efficacy.

Liz's  Action Counselling approaches such as walk-talk and mood fitness™ therapy serve as an efficous anti-depressant and anti-anxiety treatment.  Clients have observed an immediate and post session decline in depressive and anxiety symptoms often in the very first session.  Liz has a passion for taking exercise into the mental health field and the outcomes of her work are far reaching and positive.

Liz offers therapeutic coaching for business executives, couples and individuals  experiencing personal challenges and the need for personal growth. Liz facilitates one of two  Men's Relationship Group offered at the Kelowna Family Centre This group offers support to men in responding to relationship challenges in respectful, non-reactive and effective ways around stress and anger management.

Founder of Kelowna's Community Chicks in the Sticks program, Liz can be found on the mountain bike trails of the Okanagan coaching women and kids learning to be 'one' with their mountain bikes on and off the trails. Look for her infamous skills clinics or private mountain bike coaching under our events tab.

“The challenge is not in the knowing but in the doing.”  In our quest to be all things to all people; family, career, community and spirituality, we often lose our self in the pursuit.  Our personal wellness often gets punted to meet the needs of others. Taking the time to attend to your personal well being and fitness I believe, is not only the key to living an intentional and purposeful life, moreover,  allows you to give your best to others. 

Become an active participant in your life. Strive to keep your well being a priority.  The time spent in healthy living practices including, regular activity and/or exercise, good nutrition and intentional mindfulness will be regained in abundance due to increased energy, vitality, peace of mind, self efficacy and time.  Yes, that time that you thought you didn’t have to be active will suddenly appear as you gain physical, mental and spiritual health. I look forward to sharing in your journey!

Client Base


Whether a sport specific program for a NHL winger or weight management program for the wing-mom to a busy family, Liz has the know how for a successful plan regardless of the goal. "I love what I do and I very much think that it matters". My goal is to help my clients overcome the challenges that prevent them from adopting and sustaining healthy living practises and then support their healthy living behaviours. Liz is a hands on trainer. She doesn't miss a thing and attention to technique and appropriate intensity is her secret weapon to an engaging and effective training session.

Liz's experience as a  Clinical Counselor arms her with an ability to understand the emotional element to healthy living.  Her specialty areas include: assisting clients in challenging transitions, depression/anxiety, relationships and mindfulness.  As a counselor she advocates the efficacy of  activity on mood and brings this philosophy when working with clients.  Her  motto: "you are only one activity away from a good mood"

Experience and Credentials

  • Graduate Suma Cum Laude: Yorkville University Masters Degree: Counselling Psychology
  • Graduate: York University: BA- Physical And Health Education-Applied Kinesiology
  • York University Certificate: Fitness Assessment & Exercise Counselling
  • CSEP: Certified Exercise Physiologist
  • BCACC Regisered Clinical Counsellor
  • Founder: Chicks in the Sticks: Mountain Bike Coach and Mentor for Women of the Okanangan
  • BCRPA Trainer of Fitness Leaders: Personal Training, Group Fitness, Weight Training
  • Emergency First Aid
  • PMBI Level 1 Mountain Bike Instructor
  • CPR 'C' AED and First Aid
  • BCRPA Personal Trainer of the Year Nominee
  • Strength & Conditioning; Coach – Team Canada:; Kelly Scott and Team Cotter, Team Morris -Curling
  • IDEA Master Personal Trainer
  • Wellness Speaker; British Columbia, Ontario, Nevada
  • Kelowna's BEST Personal Trainer -- Okanagan Life Magazine
  • Lululemon Ambassador
  • Columnist– Daily Courier ‘Sage Advice’ Health & Fitness
  • Host and Writer:  Shaw Television Kelowna:  The Healthy Journey
  • Writer:  John Thompson Report , Madeleine Magazine

Personal Interests

  • Mountain biking
  • Cycling
  • Reading
  • Snowboarding
  • Music
  • The Beach
  • Community
  • Sharing these activities with Family, Friends and Clients

"Be the change you want your lifestyle  to portray"

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