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Cool Tools


Use these helpful calculators to help you accomplish your personal fitness goals.


How many calories am I burning?


Do you want to know how many calories you're burning for various exercises? Here's a simple way to find out.


Single Rep Max Calculator


How strong are you? This calculator offers three different crude formulas that will estimate how much weight you could lift one time for any exercise, based upon the amount of weight lifted and the number of repetitions performed. Calculate Your Heart Rate Training Zone.


Are you exercising at the correct intensity?


This calculator computes the high and low of 4 cardiovascular training zones for you bytaking your resting heart rate into account.


Body Mass Index Calculator


What's a BMI? BMI (Body Mass Index) is a way of estimating how much fat a person has. This calculator computes your Body Mass Index.


BMR - On average, what is the estimated number of calories I need to maintain my weight?


Hungry but don't know the right number of calories to consume to maintain your weight? Find out here !


What is the estimated amount of protein I need on a daily basis?


Protein is all the rage, but how much should you have on a daily basis? The answer is here!


How much fat should I eat?


Fat has twice the calories of other macronutrients.  Know how the ratio of fat that you should have in your diet relative to the total calories you eat. 


Get the scoop on the real amount of fat in that food you are craving before you consume it in mass quantities!




Portion size is key to healthy weight.  Look to Canada's Food Guide to get you on the right track. 


Track your Menu on line with this interactive tool from Health Canada


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