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Client Buzz

Read more about what our clients have to say about their training experiences with Team Fitness Personal Training & Lifestyle Coaching


This was a great experience, Liz is very knowledgable, skilled and patient.  I have ridden a bike all my life, but I learned skills that I had never known.  I feel more confident going to the first Chicks ride tonight.  I look forward to learning more skills and becoming even more confident riding trails this season.  Thank you.
Lynda F, Kelowna



I really liked the small group workout, I tend to work harder and more efficiently when I am not watching times and thinking of what my next exercise should be like when I work out solo. The exercises were great, good variety though sometimes it was harder those first days of new exercises, particularly if the others in the group had already done them. All in all I think it's a great program...


Katie Ross 




Firstly, I would like to thank Team Fitness for the opportunity to participate in the Skinny Jean Challenge. I leave the program with new tools and perspective. This Christmas I was definitely more mindful and was able to put it into practise on a few occasions. Of particular interest was how we were encouraged to check-in at the end of each session and to rate our experience, intensity, etc. It really made me focus on whether I had given it my all or held back. The only negative feedback I have is that it ended!


Sheila Sangare




Thank you for creating an environment that is fun to be in, I know we are clients but you make us feel like Family. I did team training in the early morning which surprisingly I really enjoyed. I liked working out with new people and different trainers for some of the workouts.I had fun meeting new people, working out at different times….it was a crazy month but I am glad that I participated in the Skinny Jean Challenge. Who thought I could ever wear red jeans?


Cheryl Gilbert



Working with Team Fitness has enabled our team to achieve our sporting goals and become World, Ladies Curling Champions! We are pushed to our physical training limits with many sport-specific elements, always making our strength training workouts exciting and challenging. It is because of the hard work in the studio with Team fitness that we are able to achieve peak performance on demand during our competitive season!"


Kelly Scott: Skip, Team Canada Curling Team




In the past 5 years this team has been supported by the best consultant and support team in British Columbia (Canada? the world?!) and your knowledge and experience has enabled these four women to compete without fear and without limits."


Elaine Dagg-Jackson, CCA National Coach/ Team Leader




After working with Liz I noticed a huge improvement with my overall strength and core stability.  Her creative and unique exercises target those hard to work muscle groups.  When you work with Liz you never leave the gym feeling like you weren't challenged.


Chuck Kobasew, Calgary Flames




When I learned I would be competing in October  at the World triathlon Championships or more commonly named Ironman Hawaii. The problem so to speak was that I was not a swimmer nor did I own a road bike. However I had a trainer, Liz Sage of Team Fitness. Eight months later I had the most amazing day of my life largely in part to the friendship, support and training from Liz. Not only did she show me how to train effectively, she also jumped in to ease my fears by participating in my Half Ironman "qualification" event. Without her swimming beside me in the Pacific Ocean, I would not be here today to write this testimonial!  


Joe Dutton: Ironman Hawaii/Canada Finisher




My life has been full of self-discovery and touched by many great people.  Liz Sage is currently at the top of my list.  After a car accident, I ended up with whiplash, thoracic outlet syndrome and a resulting weight gain of 50 lbs added to my already morbidly obese frame.  With 100 lbs to lose, numbness in both hands on a daily basis and constant neck and shoulder pain for four years, I sought out the ultimate personal wellness coach.  I needed the full meal deal:  education, training in nutrition, fitness and behaviour modification with a sensitivity to and deep knowledge of my type of injury. 


I asked advice from retail fitness outlets, people with personal success stories as well as researching a variety of trainers in my community.  LIz Sage was the answer.  Her knowledge and supoort have changed my life!  I've lost 50 pounds, run or bike 5 days a week and do weights twice a week.  I've gone from size 22 3x to 14/16.  I shop at the Gap!  Who new!


As a Professional Vocalist, I am working more than ever and sometimes fans who haven't seen me since the weight loss take a moment to recognize me. I have no doubt I will reach both my weight and fitness goals and I have never spent money more wisely.  Here is "the Secret"! Visualize, feel and act on it! You can do it


Ellen Churchill - Most Improved Lifestyle Award




"I decided to do bridal team training because I needed to raise my motivation level to get in shape for my wedding.  My best friend who was also getting married signed up with me, which was great because I had a partner to work out with between T.E.A.M. sesions.  I had such a great expeience  working with Team Fitness and other brides and being pushed to my potiential!  I was proud of the great results I achieved.  The weekly weigh ins and workouts definitely motivated me to stay on track and follow the fitness plan." 


Megan Chandler - Bride and now a Mom too!