Since completing a  masters in Counselling Psychology Liz combines behaviour change psychology based theory in with her exercise physiology skill set when working with her clients.
She is dedicated to working with her clients beyond the workout and believes an individual's block to motivation and healthy lifestyle choices can be the result of emotional and cognitive barriers. Liz is an empathetic and caring coach who takes a collaborative client centered approach to find solutions that will help her clients explore challenges that are hindering their wellness;  physically, mentally and emotionally.
Liz's strengths include the ability to inspire her clients to be self-motivated. She has a no nonsense yet supportive approach to lifestyle coaching with proven positive outcomes.

Liz instructs the following:
  • Perfect Practise Series
  • Riding a bike well does not necessarily make us better at it -- a little more comfortable perhaps as you get used to your bad habits but not necessarily better).

    Creating new correct habits by slowing down with deliberate practise is the key.

    This series in intended to do just that. We will break down key skills and practise them in controlled environments to allow focus, safety, new correct skills to be internalized, confidence and then transfer it to a progressively challenging environment.

    This is a 4 week program. $35 per 90 minute session for 4 weeks $139. Drop ins by request depending on availability $45/session
    Minimum 3 riders Maximum 5 riders